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The Dos and Don'ts of Cover Letter Writing

The Dos and Don'ts of Cover Letter Writing

The Dos and Don'ts of Cover Letter Writing

In the competitive world of job-hunting, one of the essential tools you need to have is a well-written cover letter. It can leave a significant impression on employers and can determine whether they want to read your resume or not. Here, we will discuss the dos and don'ts of cover letter writing, aiming to guide you through the process.

Understand the Importance of a Cover Letter

Before delving into the proper 'cover letter writing tips', it's essential to understand what it brings to your job application. A cover letter functions as a professional introduction of yourself, summarizing the key points in your resume and matching them with the job requirements. It's your opportunity to explain how your experiences and skills align with what the employer is seeking for.

Cover Letter Dos

First, let's discuss the 'dos' in cover letter writing. Always start by doing your research about the company and the job posting. Tailor your cover letter to reflect the specific requirements stated in the job description.

Another crucial point in 'cover letter writing tips' is to keep it concise. Ideally, your cover letter should not exceed one page. Each paragraph should be to the point, highlighting your skills, experiences, and aspirations that match the job requirements.

Also, remember to follow a proper format and include your contact information, the employer's contact information, the date, a formal greeting, the body of the letter, a professional closing, and your signature. Spelling and grammar checks are critical too; a single mistake can send your application to the trash bin.

Cover Letter Don'ts

Now, let's shift our focus to the 'cover letter dos and don'ts' that you should avoid. Do not merely repeat what is in your resume. The aim of a cover letter is to present a concise and personalized overview of your credentials and how they match the job requirements.

Avoid negative phrases and focus on your strengths. Make sure not to make unfounded assumptions about the job or company. And never, under any circumstance, make your cover letter more than a page. Brevity is crucial in cover letter writing.


Writing a cover letter can be challenging, but it doesn't have to be. With these 'cover letter writing tips' and understanding the 'cover letter dos and don'ts', you can make sure that your cover letter will grab the employer's attention and, ultimately, landing that desired job interview.

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